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How to Disable JavaScript in Chrome

In this article I will explains how to disable JavaScript in the Google Chrome. If you want to block ads, pop up on the pages you visit, fix technical issues.

How to Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome

There are a 2-ways to disable JavaScript (JS) if you’re using a Google chrome browser.

Method #1

Step 1# Click on the three vertical dots icon in the corner of your browser.

Google Chrome Screenshot

Step 2# Scroll down and click on the Settings, and then “Privacy and security.”

Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome Screenshot

Step 3# Then click on the “Site Settings”

Google Chrome Site Settings Screenshot

Step 4# Scroll down to the content section and click on the “JavaScript” setting

Google Chrome JavaScript Settings Screenshot

Step 5# If you want to Disable JavaScript for all website, just select “Don’t allow sites to use Javascript”

Chrome JavaScript Settings Guide

Also, you can allow or block JavaScript for custom or specific website with this options

  • Not allowed to use JavaScript
  • Allowed to use JavaScript

In the Not allowed or Allowed section, click the Add button. Then, type or paste the URL of the website for which you had like to allow or block JavaScript. that’s it.

Enable or Disable JavaScript in Browser

After that, you can edit and remove the website.

Method #2

Just enter the following URL in your Chrome address box:


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